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Applications of FRP GRP Pipe

GRP Pipes or Glass Reinforced Plastics pipes are composite material pipes consisting of a polymer matrix that is reinforced with glass fibres. They have very high corrosion resistance ability and are thus used widely for low-temperature corrosion-resistant applications. In recent times, GRP pipes are slowly replacing steel in various services like fire and water services. At the same time, GRE or GRP pipes can withstand high pressures. In many places, the term FRP pipe is used interchangeably for GRP pipes. In this article, we will explore an overview of GRP Pipes.

GRP Family

  • GRP: Glass–fibre reinforced plastic.

  • GRE: Glass–fibre-reinforced epoxy.

  • GRV: Glass–fibre vinyl ester.

  • GRUP: Glass – fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester.

The different types of pipes are selected according to the required properties like chemical resistance, temperature resistance, and mechanical properties.

Characteristics of GRP Pipe

  • Corrosion resistance: Corrosion resistance to both inside and outside corrosion. As a result, additional linings and exterior coatings are not required.

  • When the ratio of strength per unit of weight is considered, fiberglass composites surpass CS and SS.

  • Lightweight: Fibreglass piping is only one-sixth the weight of steel products and 10% the weight of similar concrete products.

  • Electrical properties: Standard fiberglass pipes are non-conductive. Some manufacturers offer conductive fiberglass piping systems for transporting fluids like Jet Fuel.

  • Dimensional stability: Fibreglass material meets the most stringent material stiffness, dimensional tolerance, weight, and cost criteria.

  • Low maintenance cost: Fibreglass piping is easy to maintain because it does not rust, is easily cleaned and requires minimal protection from the environment.

Applications of GRP and GRE Pipes

FRP GRP Pipes are widely used in the following plants:

  • Chemical process.

  • Desalination.

  • Industrial effluents.

  • Mining.

  • Oil fields.

  • Potable water.

  • Power plant cooling and raw water.

  • Seawater intake and outfalls.

  • Metal Production

  • Slurry piping.

  • Water distribution.

  • Pulp and Paper Mills.

  • Sewerage & Drainage

  • Transportation of oils, alcohols, fats, disposal, and solutions for food industries.





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